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In a world where advantages last for five minutes, you can blink and miss the window of opportunity
Transient Advantage, Prof. Rita Gunther McGrath

EventSwarm enables organisations to identify and act on opportunities in real time. It scans incoming data streams as-they-flow and detects trends, activities and patterns of behaviour that indicate an opportunity or threat. Upon detection, notifications are sent or actions initiated to facilitate an immediate response.

EventSwarm is a lean, embeddable real-time analytics framework. It provides real-time trend analysis, syndromic surveillance, correlation and other rule-driven mechanisms for matching complex patterns across streams of real-time or near-real time data.

Potential applications include:


Deontik delivers efficient and effective solutions to organisations of any size. We pride ourselves on being lean, agile and focused. Solutions to real business problems are delivered quickly, efficiently and with contained cost. The delivery process includes:

Product companies with a need for real-time analytics can embed our core technology in their products to create innovative, targeted solutions and gain a competitive edge.


Our technology combines distributed data stream processing capability with complex pattern matching and powerful rule constructs. The rule constructs closely reflect business expressions of policy and process. Scalability is enhanced by applying filtering and aggregation rules close to data sources, rather than feeding large volumes of raw data to a centralised processing engine. Discrete data elements from a stream are referred to as events. The technology is based on internationally recognised research in complex event processing and event-driven rule specification.

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